What Is It?

RapydScript is a pre-compiler for JavaScript, similar to CoffeeScript, but with cleaner, more readable syntax. This project was written to replace¬†more bloated alternatives¬†for those wishing Python-like JavaScript without the extra overhead or quirks. This is not another Python-in-a-browser framework, it’s JavaScript that looks cleaner, there is no performance overhead or incompatibility that plagues other solution in this space.

To those familiar with CoffeeScript, RapydScript is like CoffeeScript, but inspired by Python’s readability rather than Ruby’s cleverness. To those familiar with Pyjamas, RapydScript brings many of the same features and support for Python syntax without the same overhead or need to think in GWT. Don’t worry if you’ve never used either of the above-mentioned compilers, if you’ve ever had to write your code in pure JavaScript you’ll appreciate RapydScript. RapydScript combines the best features of Python as well as JavaScript, bringing you features most other Pythonic JavaScript replacements overlook. Here are a few features of RapydScript:

Here is a quick example that integrates jQuery: